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Welcome to Woodspring Lodge

A warm welcome to the Woodspring Lodge No 8791 web site.

We are a very sociable Masonic Craft Lodge that meets at the Masonic Hall, High Street, Yatton, Bristol BS49 4D. We meet 8 times a year on the Friday after the banner2nd Wednesday of the month from October to May. We also have a number of social events, including an annual Ladies gala dinner  dance. See the “Our Events” page.

One of our principles is to support others, less fortunate than ourselves.  See our “Year / Master” page.

The lodge was formed in October 1977, with most of the senior officers being either County or District Councillors. Our lodge banner depicts the Woodspring Priory, near Sand Point about 3 miles north-east of Weston-super-Mare. The Lodge Motto “ESSE QUAM VIDERI”  is translated as “TO BE AS ONE SEEMS”.

In the late 12th Century Woodspring Priory was a manor owned by one of the Knights responsible for the murder of Thomas a Becket.  In the 13th century it  passed, by marriage, into the de Courtney family and the chapel was dedicated  to St Thomas the Martyr of Canterbury. By 1225 the de Countneys had given the property  to the Augustinian canons of Bristol. Many of the buildings are Grade I listed. It is owned by the National Trust and run by the Landmark Trust for holiday letting.  The whole site is scheduled as an ancient monument.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woodspring_Priory

Woodspring Lodge no 8791 under the Grand Lodge of England, Lodge was Consecrated in October 1977 with 25 founding members.

From circa 1890 until the mid 20s the Masonic Hall, then known as Larchmount House was a Private Boarding School for Girls. A fire gutted the building in the early 30’s. In 1935 the Brethren of the Lodge of Agriculture decided to purchase the now derelict building and after extensive renovation it was dedicated as a Masonic Hall on March 16th, 1936. During the Second World War the Ground Floor of the building was requisitioned by the Army although Masonic Meetings still took place in the Lodge Room above.

The Yatton Masonic Hall is home to 6 Craft Lodges :  Agriculture 1199,  Winscombe  6474,  Woodspring 8791, Hospitality 9299,  Silvanus 9741 and the Forest of Mendip 8019 .


Solomon : A Journey to Masonic Learning and Development

Solomon is the is United Grand Lodge of England’s on-line searchable repository of Masonic knowledge. Follow this link to further details on our “about Freemasonry” page.

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  • Secretary : Malcolm Behling.
  • Communications Officer : Alan Carter.  email : awcarter52@outlook.com   Tel: 01934-838056  [website administrator]
  • Almoner : David Trotter.
  • Mentor : Jim Gillbody .
  • Charity Steward:  Peter Ansell.

The Somerset Provincial 2020 Festival  

Each province supports The Masonic Charitable Foundation.  The Somerset Provincial 2020 Festival  is aiming to  raise  at least £2.8 million pounds by 2020, whilst maintaining our help to our own local causes. Our last Festival was in 2007.

Recognition of amounts donated are are given to each lodge in the way of Ashlers. These are awarded  on an amount transferred to the festival fund  on the number of Masons registered with that Lodge.

1st ashler : £200 per member, 2nd ashler : £300,  3rd ashler : £400,  4th ashler : £500,   5th ashler : £700, Golden ashler : £1000.

1 September 2019 :  Woodspring has transferred ???money?? into the 2020 Festival fund.  We have been awarded 5 Ashlers.


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